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A Kubotan Keychain is an easily accessible, extremely durable and highly effective self defense tool.

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They can be used for stabilizing your fist, applying pressure to sensitive parts of an assailant's body, or gaining leverage on an assailant's wrist or fingers. These Kubotans are made of aluminum and come in four different colors and have either tapered or flat tips.

The grooves are for added grip and there is a key ring on one end to hold your keys. The Kubotan keychain is 5 1/2 inches long and approximately 1/2 inch in diameter and comes with either a round tapered or flat tip. They are made of aluminum so that they are strong, light and easy to carry. Common methods of use include striking, swinging and joint pressure techniques such as finger and wrist locks. It is considered by police officers, who have had the opportunity to use them, to be extremely effective in controlling unruly suspects. Because of this the Kubotan has been dubbed the Instrument of Attitude Adjustment.

Black Pointed Kubotan Red Pointed Kubotan Blue Pointed Kubotan Silver Pointed Kubotan
Pointed Kubotan
$5.00 each


Black Flat Kubotan Blue Flat Kubotan Red Flat Kubotan Silver Flat Kubotan
Flat Tip Kubotan
$5.00 each


Popularity of the Kubotan began in the 1970s when the LAPD began instructing police officers in its applications. Because of the benefits of this stick's many uses, it was originally intended to be an easy to carry yet effective replacement for the awkward to carry night stick. The Kubotan keychain was later developed so that it would be available to anyone who needed a small, light, durable, easy to carry and readily available item to assist in self defense. The keychain design also gives it the added benifit of being used with a swinging motion.

Pocket stick is the term used to classify rod shaped hand weapons like the Kubotan. And even though they are marketed as Kubotans, they aren't really and are classified under the generic name Self-Defense Keychain Sticks. The simple design makes it difficult for the laws to classify Kubotans as weapons, it's just a key ring ornament that has this particular design. Popularity of the Kubotan keychain has doubled in the last five years and it has earned a reputation for it's versatility and as a self defense tool that is legal to own and carry in all 50 states.

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